Muniyal Ayurveda took its inspiration from Late Dr. U. Krishna Muniyal, who practiced Ayurveda for more than 40 years and was the disciple of Pandith Taranath, a great Ayurveda scholar who had treated Mahatma Gandhi several times. Pandith Taranath used to perform Parak„ya Pravesha (one's consciousness entering into another's body) while treating the patient. Ancestors of the Muniyal family used to treat patients with all types of ailments successfully by using holy water enchanted with sacred and auspicious hymns.

Muniyal Ayurveda Group Institutions

Dr. U. Krishna Muniyal Memorial Trust (R)   Dr. Krshna Life Sciences Ltd.

Dr. U. Krishna Muniyal Memorial Trust (R) looks after the academic activities of Muniyal Ayurveda.
Research & Development, pharmaceutical production, and healthcare activities of Muniyal Ayurveda come under the company, namely Dr. Krshna Life Sciences Ltd.


Ayurveda, 'The Science of Life', considered to be one of the upavedas, has been serving the mankind for more than 4000 years and still survives just because of its sheer therapeutic value. In the scientific findings, which have proved that ayurvedic medicines cure the diseases by strengthening the body immune system now considered to be the most scientific approach towards health, the relevancy of ayurvedic remedies become significant.

The greatness of AYURVEDA can be summed up with the help of a single Shloka in Sanskrit pertaining to the definition of "Swasthya" disease less state.

This means that the human being is considered to be completely healthy only when the body constituents namely tridoshas, seven dhathus, effluents like three "malas", athma, Panchendriyas and manas are all in equilibrium state.

This shows that ayurveda has given equal importance to mind, body and soul white treating the patient.

As you know truth is always very simple. Likewise, the basic principles of ayurveda are very simple to understand. According to ayurveda, the whole universe is made up of "Panchamahabhootas", namely, Prithvi, Aap, Teja, Vayu and Akasha. That means even the human body and the plant kingdom are made up of the same basic constituents, and human body is controlled by 3 basic principles or "Tridhoshas" namely, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The balanced state of these tridoshas (doshasamya) is called health. On the other hand, the imbalance state of these tridoshas (doshavaishamya) causes disease.

In aggravated conditions of Vata, Pita and Kapha doshas, ayurveda suggested Vatahara (hara=pacify), Pittahara and Kaphahara plants. On the other hand in decreased conditions of Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas, ayurveda suggests Vatakara (kara=enhance), Pittakara and Kafakara plants.

Dr. U. Krishna Muniyal Memorial Trust (R)

The Trust has devoted itself to the field of Ayurveda by undertaking cultivation & preservation of rare medicinal plants, research in Ayurveda, developing treatment for chronic & incurable diseases, establishing speciality Ayurveda hospitals, running under-graduate and post-graduate courses in Ayurveda, propagating ancient herbal gardens, establishing a literary division to bring out ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. The trust intends to revive ancient Indian wisdom through its proposed Buddhaayurved University.

The Trust runs the following institutions:

  1. Muniyal Ayurveda Hospital & Research Institute
  2. Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences & Post-Graduate Centre
  3. Books & Publications


Dr. Krshna Life Sciences Ltd. - Bringing Life to Science

Dr. Krshna Life Sciences Ltd. has been established to promote ancient medical therapy to the vast majority of the human race with the expertise and knowledge gained in the field of Ayurvedic medicines over several centuries. It aims to provide comprehensive healthcare facilities across India. Dr. Krshna Life Sciences Ltd. also provides low cost medical treatment to the poor and the needy through its Muniyal Ayurveda Family Health Card.

The company manufactures and markets Ayurvedic Research products in India and abroad. It is getting national & international acclaims for its scientifically proven products for chronic disorders like diabetes, alcoholism, arthritis, cardiac problems, liver and uterine disorders, bronchitis, amoebiasis, obesity, thyroid problems and parkinsonism. The company's products for Cancer and AIDS have been taken up for trails by prestigious institutions. The Research Centre is also attracting researchers from USA, Japan & Argentina. It has memoranda of understanding with prestigious Ayurvedic companies in countries like Hungary, to popularize ayurvedic research products.

The company intends to popularise Ayurveda by offering low cost healthcare to the common people by initially establishing over 200 Muniyal Ayurveda Family Clinics (one in each taluk of Karnataka), initially covering about 10 lakh beneficiaries.

The first ayurvedic company with its products being registered as para-medicines in Europe

The Company runs the following institutions:

  1. Muniyal Ayurveda Pharmaceutical Unit
  2. Muniyal Ayurvedic Research Centre
  3. Muniyal Ayurveda Herbal Gardens
  4. Muniyal Ayurveda Family Clinics

The group also has ISO 9001:2008 certification, and International Organic Certification from SKAL, The Netherlands for its herbal gardens.

Dr. Krshna Life Sciences Ltd. has a huge advantage over the other Ayurvedic Centres as it has access to an established Research Centre, a Post Graduate Centre and hospital to support its activities not only in terms of medicine related research but also by way of producing qualified Doctors to handle patients every year.

The company has patented a process called VRKSHVED TM where the entire ancient wisdom of medicinal plants have been studied and meticulously documented and a database has been created through scientific validation with the identification of marker compounds to develop genomic fingerprints.

The company has also patented a process called DRAVYASHUDH TM which deals with Quality Control and enhancement of the potency of each and every herb (bio-actives) used in the formulations backed by VRKSHAYURVEDA and the company's own vast experience and expertise in the field. The company intends to export these potent herbs (bio-actives) to pharmaceutical giants for value addition.

VAMSHAVAHINI TM : Under this project the company will actively involve itself in acquiring, preserving, evaluating, documenting and distributing medicinal crop ‘germplasm’ . Through these efforts, the company assists in improving the quality and productivity of medicinal plant crops. On the basis of identification and implementation of DNA diagnostic tools that are predictive of specific plant characteristics such as disease resistance, improved productivity and improved quality under VRKSHVED TM , company will apply the patented processes to develop bio-active herbs.

The company intends to enter the market of nutraceuticals and food supplements by developing such products with the help of VRKSHVED TM and DRAVYASHUDH TM for various diseased conditions.