Indian Answer to an Universal ailment

Ayurveda, 'The Science of Life', considered to be one of the Upavedas, has been serving the mankind for more than 4000 years and still survives just because of its sheer therapeutic value. In the scientific findings, which have proved that Ayurvedic medicines cure the diseases by strengthening the body immune system, now considered to be the most scientific approach towards health, the relevancy of Ayurvedic remedies become significant. Mahoshadha Kalpa is a multi-dimensional treatment for Cancer designed and developed by Dr. U. Krishna Muniyal Memorial Trust (R). This name is given on the basis of a story related to the Buddha. In one of the past births when the Buddha was born as Bodhi Sattva, Lord Indra placed a herb in the child's hand. The child's father seeing the herb in its hand at the time of birth thought it to be a special herb and administered it as medicine to all the illness of local people. They all regained health within no time. Hence, Bodhisattva came to be called 'Mahoshadha Kumara'. As the treatment schedule is developed on the doctrines explained by the Buddha that diseases are caused by in-discrepency of food, environment, consciousness and past deeds - so also it is called Mahoshadha Kalpa.

A Multi-dimensional Holistic Treatment

Based on Bhagvan Buddha's Teachings

Indigenously Researched

Early treatment gives better results

No side effects

Inducts a sense of well-being in patients


In a healthy condition, one cell physiologically divides into two, two into four and so on in a coordinated manner. But, when one cell divides into ten and ten into hundreds in an uncoordinated manner it forms the basis of Cancer. The exact cause for such a rapid and

Un-coordinated growth is not explained by today's medical science. “Intelligence is not only present in the Brain but also in millions of body cells”- this truth is explained by the Buddha. In this regard it can be stated that a disturbed intelligence of cell itself is the cause of Cancer.

The very fact that 1.6 million people are being attacked by cancer every year, shows the seriousness of the disease.

Modern medicine follows two modalities of treatment for Cancer. Firstly, a chemical drug is injected into blood to kill the Cancer cells, i.e. Chemotherapy. Secondly, Cancer cells are burned by Radiation therapy. But these, as known to all, in addition to killing Cancer cells kill even the normal cells, and produce considerable ill effects to the body. In due consideration of these facts Mahoshadha Kalpa, purely based on the Indian System of Medicine, has been indigenously researched and developed that causes no untoward ill effects but inducts a sense of well being in patients.

Mode of Treatment

  • Imunex, a researched drug prepared out of various herbs and bhasmas dissolves away the tumor cells and produces no ill-effects even in high doses. This is certified by a renowned pharmaceutical research centre in Chennai. Other research products of the trust are also complemented to suit individual needs.

  • Detoxification of body by Deerghayu kalpa.

  • Prevention of food related diseases by adopting a clinical diet.

  • Adoption of Dinacharya (Daily regimen) and Ritucharya (Seasonal regimen) to counter the environmental ill effects.

  • Practice of Samata and Maitri Dhyana, Yoga and Pranayama for Chitta Shuddhi and Vipassana Dhyana to provoke cellular intelligence and thereby control the cancer growth progression.

  • Rejuvenation of body cells by Pyramid therapy.

Scientific Data & Results

Ten patients of Cancer were treated under Mahoshadha kalpa. One fresh patient with early diagnosis (without being exposed to any other line of treatment), directly underwent Mahoshadha kalpa. She showed excellent remission and is apparently normal. Six others who had undergone chemotherapy & radiation, showed significant remission. Three patients who came in at the terminal stage of illness spent their last days in peace. Fifty three patients of twenty two varieties of cancer and at different stages have already been registered under MahoshadhaKalpa. Their initial results are highly encouraging.

Initial studies suggest that MahoshadhaKalpa is also helpful in preventing the development of metastasis (secondaries).

Benefits of MahoshadhaKalpa

  • No ill effects like hair fall, organ damage, etc.

  • Early treatment provides better efficacy and benefits.

  • Helps to avoid chemotherapy and radiation.

  • Treatment is economical, compared to prevailing lines of treatment.

  • Early restoration of health - prolongs life span.

  • Proper spiritual guidance and counseling improves will power to face the disease, and wards-off the fear of death.

Future Plans

The Trust plans to establish Mahoshadha Kalpa centre in each and every district of India. It intends to provide the therapy free of cost to poor and middle-class people in case the State supports it.