Drug addiction, Alcohol addiction and smoking have become rampant in the modern society. As there is not a single ayurvedic de-addiction centre anywhere in the world, this kind of centre is the need of the hour and Muniyal Ayurveda has developed a line of treatment which includes:

  1. De-toxification by body purification
  2. Counselling with training for meditation.
  3. Medication by HERBADICT, which protects the vital organs of the body, repairs the damages done to the vital organs, enhances will power and memory power and induces natural sleep pattern.

The De-Addiction Centre of Muniyal Ayurveda Hospital at Manipal has 50 beds, along with required facilities managed by expert physicians. Patients or their family members can approach the Muniyal Ayurveda Family Clinics for consultation or directly admit them to the hospital.