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Herbotrim Tablets - For lipid-cholesterol control

  • Accelerates the fat metabolism naturally and reduces the accumulation of fat in the adipose tissues.
  • Protects the patient from the complications of obesity like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, osteo-arthrosis, hypercholestremia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, atherosclerosis, stroke, angina pectoris, coronary heart disease, gall stones.
  • Prevents fatty infiltration of vital organs.


HERBO-TRIM is the result of intensive research work.

  • Experimental studies have proved highly significant reduction of Total Cholesterol, LDL, Triglycerides, atherogenic index and increase in HDL, indicating promising results of Herbotrim as hypo-cholesteremic drug.
  • Histopathology of hyper-cholesteremic rat indicates lesion with abnormal overlying endothelium and desquamation. Observation of tissues also showed cholesterol deposits and fatty infiltration. Herbotrim treated rats showed neither infiltration and cholesterol deposit, nor desquamation indicating good protection.
  • Acute toxicity study carried out as per Globally Harmonized system has proved the tablets as absolutely safe even at high doses.

Importance of treatment of Obesity

Abnormal accumulation of fat in the stores of adipose tissue throughout the body is called Obesity. Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder in affluent society. Obesity requires constant emphasis, not only because of the excess mortality it carries, but also because of numerous complications such as diabetes mellitus. It reduces the efficiency of those affected and it is frequently associated with emotional and other psychological disturbances.

Athero-sclerosis is another major complication associated with obesity. Elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides are known to cause athero-sclerosis. The risk of IHD is also more in obese patients. Hence the therapy for atherosclerosis & other complications should aim at reducing the obesity & the lipid contents of the blood.

Studies have shown that a reduction in plasma cholesterol does infect reduce the risk of myocardial infection. Some ancient herbs like Guggulu, Shilajith, when combined with other herbs, and when used along a proper Ayurvedic diet, cause a significant reduction in body weight and also reduction in lipid content of the blood. The treatment of obesity has been described in ancient ayurvedic classics and Muniyal Ayurvedic research centre, with the extensive study based on ancient classics has formulated 'Herbotrim' for the treatment of obesity.


Body weight is tightly regulated and a small change in the energy balance is all that is required to cause weight gain. Daily excess of 100 (a small chocolate bar or one chapathi) would result in 4 kg weight gain in one year. Even modest weight loss of 10% is clinically beneficial.

Mechanical Disability: Flat Feet and Osteoarthrosis of the knee, hips & lumbar spine are more in obese patients.

Metabolic Disorders: Obesity may be associated with an elevated level of cholesterol & triglycerides in the blood. Obese are more prone to develop Gall-Stones. Association of obesity and diabetes mellitus is well established. Govt afflicts the obese more commonly than others.

Cardiovascular Disorders: Obese persons suffer from hypertension more commonly than those of normal weight, along with Artherosclerosis, Angina Pectoris and Cardiac Failure.