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  • Reduces pain & inflammation naturally and permanently.
  • Acts on the causative factors of the disease.
  • Does not create gastritis on prolonged usage, during the treatment of Rheumatism & Arthritis.

Even after so many advances in modern medicine diseases pertaining to joints such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoarthritis (OA), gouty arthritis, still remain potential problems. Especially the autoimmune disorders like RA have no curative treatment in modern medicine. Incidences of joint diseases like RA and OA still remain high in the community, disabling the patients. Now it is well understood that, autoimmune disorders like (RA), metabolic diseases (Gout) and degenerative diseases (OA) can be effectively controlled only by Ayurvedic medicines.

There are various drugs and formulations mentioned in this regard in our classics. Experimental studies on different arthritic models and clinical evaluations are successfully carried out. Considering all these research works and classical references, the drugs have been selected to prepare an excellent formulation, MUNIPYRIN, for various arthritic conditions which really give wonderful result.

Possible mechanism of action of Muniprin in rheumatism and arthritis:

Usually the white blood cells help the body to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses. On some occasions the immune system fights against the healthy body tissues. For Example, in Rheumatism & Arthritis, where blood cells accumulate at the joints and fight against the healthy tissues, resultant of which there will be inflammation and pain. MUNIPYRIN corrects this kind of misbehavior of the body's immune system and reduces pain and inflammation naturally and permanently without causing any side effects.