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  • Very effective medicine for neuromuscular diseases like Parkinsonism, epilepsy & cerebral palsy.
  • A powerful anti-depressant.
  • Very effective in relieving stammering.
  • Useful in curing hemi-plegia, memory loss.
  • Can be giving as a brain tonic for school going children.
  • Processed with various medhya rasayana drugs.
  • Fortified with shilajith and various bhasmas.

Most of the diseases are considered to be psychosomatic. A perfect mind body balance is given due importance in Ayurveda. It is essential to develop an effective remedy for psychiatric and psychosomatic diseases pertaining to nervous system, which are considered difficult to treat. But, Ayurveda is treating such disorders successfully since a very long time. On the basis of Ayurvedic principles and research studies, highly effective drugs have been selected and a formulation useful in epilepsy, anxiety disorder and neuromuscular disease is prepared. This drug was also found to be very useful as a brain tonic in children.

Action of the formulation:

  • Relieves anxiety due to its CNS depressant action Controls epileptic seizures.
  • Also elevates depressive condition by acting through D2 receptors.
  • Improves immediate memory sign, reduces mental fatigue and systolic blood pressure.