Muni Yoga is a unique and patented combination of several procedures. which improves quality of the member’s day to day life. and helps to enhance spiritual and overall progress of the individual. Muni Yoga comprises of Rakshana Mantra (Buddhist way of preventing thoughts that obstruct Meditation), Sitting meditation, Walking meditation, Kapalabhathi, specific Yogasanas, Pranayama, Brisk Walking and Kalaripayattu (Buddhist method of self defense).

Muni Yoga contains 3 stages – Poorva Karma, Pradhana Karma and Paschath Karma.

Purva Karma

Implementation of noble and sacred lifestyle helps in accumulating the merit (Punya), which is essential to achieve greater success in one’s life.

  1. Practice Panchasheela*
  2. Follow the Ariya Astanga Marga*
  3. Develop Brahmavihara*, the divine qualities in life
  4. Half-day-Fast for 6 days a month (only liquid diet after lunch) during Amavasya, Poornima, Panchami, Chaturdashi to have protection from divine beings
Pradhana Karma

4:00 am – 4:05 am       Brush with MuniDent
4:05 am – 4:15 am       Kapalbharti 80 times per minute for 10 minutes
4:15 am – 4:30 am       Walking Meditation*
4:30 am – 4:40 am       Pranayama
4:40 am – 4:55 am       Recite Rakshana Mantra* (protective hymns) to
drive out all thoughts which hinder meditation
4:55 am – 5:10 am       Anapanasati Meditation* by observing the rise
and fall of the stomach during breathing
5:10 am – 5:40 am       Yoga
5:40 am – 6:10 am       Kalaripayattu* for self defense
6:10 am – 6:40 am       Brisk Walking to stimulate right side of the
brain which is more creative, and also to
stabilize heartbeat and pulse rate
6:40 am – 6:50 am       Drink 6 glasses of warm water to enhance the
cleansing process of the body. (Add 2 spoonful
of honey to one glass)

Paschath Karma

Useful steps to be adopted in one’s day-to-day life:

  1. Dietary habits as per the member’s Prakruthi (body type)
  2. Use of Lavanamlakatu, the medicated salt supplement by all members –  especially diabetics and cardiac patients
  3. Use of Ayurvasthra garments by members having diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression and skin disorders while doing Muni Yoga
  4. Use of sleep inducing, mood elevating and mosquito repellent Shubhrathri candles
  5. Use of Prashanth Kesha thaila for good sleep and tranquil mind
  6. Abhyanga by using Muniyal Snana Taila and Muniyal Snana Choorna
  7. Use of Heartogen, Muniprajnaa and Muniprabhaa (2 gm each daily) by members over 40 years of age (as per doctor’s advice), to protect and strengthen their vital organs like heart, liver, kidney and brain, thereby avoiding possible manifestation of paralytic stroke, heart attack and kidney disorders.