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Heartogen Plus Tablets

A safe & effective Cardiac Tonic & Cardio-protective

•Effective in managing essential hypertension
•Helps to prevent and manage atherosclerosis.
•Indications: Bhrama,
Hrtshula, Shrama shwasa

Principal Ingredients:
•Ashwagandha has proven antioxidant and anti-stress properties and is effective
in stress oriented hypertension. •Sarpagandha has clinically proven efficacy in the reduction of blood pressure
• Shilajathu is an antioxidant and rejuvenating medicine and hence protects the
body against age related degenerative changes.
• Guggulu is a well-known anti-hyperlipidaemic drug and Guggulsterones are
active components of this drug which are responsible for this effect. It is a
proven neuro-protective agent against oxidative damage induced Diabetes

Dosage: 1-2 tablets
Anupana: Hot Water