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Munithyrone Tablets
  • A single drug for both hypo and hyperthyroidism.
  • Supports the normalization of T3/T4 levels, supports the thyroid’s ability to properly absorb iodine, and supports the activity of a number of important thyroid enzymes.
  • Corrects basal metabolic rate.
  • Useful to relieve the associated conditions like anemia, general debility, weight variation, mood swings, etc.
  • Reduces thyroid swelling.
  • Acts as immuno-modulator hence beneficial in auto immune thyroiditis.

Principal Ingredients

  • Commiphora mukul shows thyrogenic effect, corrects lipid metabolism.
  • Acts as an antioxidant.
  • Bauhinia variegata has a balancing activity on the thyroxin production; increasing any deficient production and decreasing any excess.

DOSAGE: 2 tablets twice daily after food, to be swallowed with hot water

Munithyrone Tablet does not contain any additives, not even to form the tablet (non-coated, non-capsulated).


Scientific Background
Various clinical studies, pharmacological experiments, biochemical studies carried out have proved that Munithyrone is an effective Ayurvedic product to improve thyroid function in both hypo and hyperthyroidic conditions. This product is proved to be effective in the management of auto immune thyroiditis. It helped to markedly improve the symptoms and also hormonal parameters. It acts as anti-oxidant also. It is found to have encouraging results in multinodular goiter and thyrotoxicosis.