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Home Remedy Kit

An Ayurvedic First Aid Kit containing remedies for common ailments like cold, cough & sore throat, dysentery, loss of appetite in children & adults, pain & inflammation, an Ayurvedic tooth powder in crushable tablet form for complete oral hygiene and above all, a hair oil which induces natural sleep pattern, prevents insomnia, dandruff, premature greying of hair.
Take home a collection of more than two hundred and fifty rare medicinal herbs traditionally converted into valuable Ayurvedic remedies which take care of the physical & mental health of the whole family

Each Home Remedy Kit contains:

Munistamine Tablets : A safe & effective remedy for Allergic Bronchitis, cold, & cough.
Munipayn Tablets : A safe and effective remedy for Rheumatism & Arthritis.
Munident Crushable Tablets : Keeps Mouth Fresh throughout the day.
Koshtha Shuddhi Tablets : Exceptionally good remedy for chronic dysentery and severe diarrhoea.
MUNILIV Tablets : Corrects liver dysfunction, promotes, appetite and growth.
PRASHANTH Hair Oil : Prevents premature graying of hair, stops hair fall, induces natural sleep patterns, keeps mind fresh and cool throughout the day.
SNANA Choorna: Bathing powder which removes dead skin and helps the skin pores to breathe freely.