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Mukhakanthikara Lepa

Brightening And Detoxifying Face Pack

• Beneficial in preventing the occurrence of Pimples
• Lightens Scars in the face.
• Improves complexion of the skin and helps to reduce Sun Tan.
• Indications: Varnya and Mukhakanthikara, Indicated in Yuvana Pidaka,
Tilakalaka, Vyanga

Principal Ingredients:

• Raktha Chandana helps to remove scars and improves complexion
• Svetha Chandana protects skin from Acne and also helps to remove acne Scars
• Haridra is an effective anti- microbial agent which protects against the microbes
causing Pimples. It also helps to remove the tan caused by over exposure to Sun.

Dosage: Take sufficient quantity and apply with honey on the affected area and washe after 10 minutes.