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Muniyal Snana Churna

Medicated Bath Powder

•Helps to improve the health and complexion of the skin
•Helps to subside different skin allergies
• Beneficial in the management of all skin diseases along with other medicines.
•Indications: Useful in all skin diseases, Kandughna

Principal Ingredients

•Triphala has good antimicrobial activity which helps to prevent different infections and allergic reactions of the skin. Also helps to reduce the problems due to excessive sweating
•Raktha Chandana helps to improve the complexion and lightens the scars from the skin
•Usheera prevents the body odour and itching by controlling excessive sweating.
•Nimba protects against microbes causing different types of skin infections

Dosage: As required, to apply with water to the whole body and take bath with warm water after 10 minutes.