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Pramehahara Kwatha Choorna

Oral Ayurvedic Anti-diabetic with a Difference

• Can be used as a daily health supplement in the management of Diabetes Mellitus
• Helps to regulate blood sugar and protects against the associated complaints of Diabetes Mellitus.
• Indications: Madhumeha, Kushta

• Nimba has got potential to reduce the blood glucose levels within a short period
of time and also to improve glucose tolerance.

• Asana has a proven efficacy to reduce the blood sugar level especially in newly
diagnosed cases of Diabetes Mellitus. It is Medohara and Rasayana Properties
and is part of many formulations effective in Madhumeha.

• Ekanayaka is proved to be beneficial in lowering HbA1C levels in people with
type 2 diabetes.. These reductions indicate better blood sugar control.

Dosage: 50 to 100ml of Kvatha

Method of Preparation: 1 tablespoon powder to be boiled with water and reduced to half.