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Shatavari Tablets

Women”s Wellness – Uterine Tonic

• Helps to regulate menstrual cycles, manage Post-Menopausal Symptoms like vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and insomnia.
• It also alleviates menstrual cramps and controls the amount of blood lost.
• Shatavari greatly helps with fluid retention and may also be helpful with the uncomfortable bloating often suffered before a period.
• This versatile herb can be very helpful to women who have fertility issues due to stress or immune-mediated problem.

2 Tablets twice daily. Each 500mg tablet contains Shatavri

Qty: 1 container of 60 tablets

Processed as per VRKSHVED & DRAVYASHUDH techniques.
The tablets are prepared without using any coloring or coating agents and is retained in its natural form without use of any chemical excipients.

Country of origin : India